Home on the revamped ranch

From The Ground Up—A New Life Together Without Compromise

This home began as a 1950’s ranch with eight-foot ceilings and cookie-cutter rooms that were not conducive to entertaining or out of town guests.  Mr. Cutshall had raised his kids in the home and loved its location, the neighbors, and the family memories.  His new bride-to-be, however, envisioned a very different type of house for them to start off their new lives together.  

HammerSmith’s solution was to take off the roof and walls, and design a sophisticated, warm and inviting house that was open and spacious, yet not too big or pretentious for this private couple’s lifestyle.  HammerSmith built a cloistered communal space that combined the living room and kitchen as the central focal point of the house, surrounded on all sides by alcoves.  

Hand-hewn beams, stone and natural colors and textures reinforce the intimacy and coziness of the new spaces.  The end result is an architectural masterpiece where the Cutshalls, as a couple – or with their friends and extended family – can humbly feel at home.



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