Let There Be Light

Blurring the Lines Between Inside and Out

The client’s objective: brighten and whiten!  A kitchen renovation by the previous owner was dark and stifling with a single small window, abundant cherry millwork, ebony floors and dark granite.  The master was dark and manly. The new owners loved the bones of the house, but wanted a more cheerful palette with visibility and easy access to their new modern pool.

Interlocking elements with contrasting textures is the core design element of this renovation.  Overlapping materials draw and guide you through the space and around the corners.  Carved out ceilings create a sense of space and height, and eliminate the ubiquitous can lights that detract from most other kitchens.  A few of the dark cherry cabinets installed in the previous renovation were left as a backdrop to frame the new kitchen.  A fully retractable glass NanaWall creates a seamless transition and blurs the line between inside and outside.  White-on-white tile and cabinet textures play with the natural light and create shadows of interest.  Warm wood floors and dark accents contrast with the stainless steel and cool marble to create a sense of warmth and comfort in what could otherwise be a cold modern envelope.

More light, more drama, and a seamless connectivity to the new pool.  The ecstatic homeowners are now proud to entertain, and are just as happy enjoying a quiet evening together in their dynamic new space.



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